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My wish

I wish that one day my husband would walk through the door and not be overwhelmed. No matter how much I get done, he’ll slam cabinets and get pissed over something no one has control over, and will ignore or pretend not to hear my offers of assistance. He will often be flat out rude. I am not the problem. His expectations will be the death of me and probably any imagination the kids have left. We have a large family. If you couldn’t deal with that then maybe you shouldn’t have taken the kids in your first divorces or married a woman with two more. I did not ask for this. I don’t want your paycheck or your bullshit. I want the loving husband and father you were before.

If you can’t open your eyes and see that you’re shutting me down emotionally, verbally, and sexually then it will soon be time for this birdie to fly. I have a life I want to live. You either share it or you’re out of it. I won’t be denied living because of your demands. I’m a person too.



The first of many, and goodbye opendiary.

I’ve blogged on opendiary since 2001.

OD has listened through three marriages, two divorces, three pregnancies, two births, one miscarriage. Several deaths, several victories, many failures.

OD became the place I could be me, and no one could take that from me.

I will never forget the friends I have made. The people I will miss. What joy we shared as fellow readers. I will always have you as my first love, OD. I just wish Bruce would pass the torch instead of closing down.

All my love, and all my hope for a new “home”,